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About Woodworking with Warriors

Woodworking with Warriors Vision

What is Woodworking with Warriors?

Woodworking with Warriors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to serve veterans who have been wounded in combat during their time serving our country.

Woodworking with Warriors Mission

Why Woodworking with Warriors?

We believe woodworking is a proven form of art therapy that allows combat-wounded veterans who are struggling to cope take control of their symptoms through creative expression.

Woodworking with Warriors Plan

How does Woodworking with Warriors work?

Combat-wounded veterans are invited to participate in a woodworking retreat free of charge. Through this workshop, participants will learn to use hand tools in the art of woodworking.

What can you expect at a Woodworking Retreat?


If you’re not local to our area, round trip transportation arrangements will be made and provided for you free of charge. Options include airfare, train or rental car. We do not want transportation to cause anyone to miss out on an opportunity to be a part of a Woodworking Retreat.


Lodging will be provided as part of your Woodworking Retreat. If you are within a reasonable driving distance, you are welcome to stay at your own home and commute back and forth.


Lunch and dinner will be provided during your woodworking retreat. Breakfast may be provided by your hotel. Our aim is for minimal, if any, out of pocket expenses during your time with us.


Our hope for your Woodworking Retreat is that you leave equipped with a working knowledge of hand tools and the therapeutic benefits of woodworking.


Participants do not need to own or have prior experience with hand tools. Everything you need for your time with us will be provided.

Interested in Attending an Upcoming Retreat?

Here’s the Process to Apply:


Step 1-Register

Take 3 minutes to fill out our Registration Form.


Step 2-Submit Docs

Send us a copy of your DD214.

Step 3-Choose Your Week

Once we have all of your information, we’ll help schedule your week retreat with us.

Ready to Apply?

Now’s the time to take a step toward learning a new skill, finding an avenue to cope with struggles you are facing and be a part of a brotherhood that understands what you are going through.